The TOP 5 Telematics Features that your solution MUST HAVE!

Publish date: 22/09/2018

The TOP 5 Telematics Features that your solution MUST HAVE!


  1. Communication & Messaging

Telematics has come so far that you should not be settling for a solution that doesn’t offer direct communications with your workforce. Providers offer all sorts of communication links; in-app messaging, additional hardware, API’s into your custom system, either way, make sure you can send and receive information / locations with your workers through the solution you choose!


  1. ALERTS!

One of the things a lot of fleet professionals feel is lacking from their telematics solution is live, real-time alerts across multiple devices. The importance of this cannot be understated. Just receiving a monthly report with data about your fleet will not save you money. Receiving a notification as soon as something happens that negatively impacts your business – so that you can rectify it – will save you money.


  1. Driver Scorecards & Leader Boards

Telematics is not just about vehicle data and locations, the vehicle management platforms available nowadays can be used to actively engage your workforce and drive down costs. Your solution should feature individual driver scorecards, and driver leader boards. Weekly or monthly incentives can then be set so that the highest scoring driver is rewarded. Not only does the winning driver feel a sense of achievement and receive a reward, but your entire fleet will be continuously striving towards better driving patterns and behaviours. This will save you money in fuel costs, servicing costs, maintenance costs and parts & repairs.


  1. Reports, reports & reports

All telematics solutions offer reporting – that is pretty much the whole concept of “tracking” anything – but you should be looking for advanced, customisable and automatable reporting. Every business is different so the reports that will enable you to make changes and operate more efficiently, will be different to the next company. With customisable and automated insights, you don’t have to work for your reports, instead, they work for you.


  1. Live Traffic Overlay

There is nothing more restrictive than the M25 at rush hour, and if you don’t allow for this huge inconvenience, you are setting yourself up for a logistical nightmare. A good provider will have Integration with a reliable map provider, meaning your solution will offer you live traffic updates and even calculate traffic into your next route. This will allow you to find better routes, saving you money and your customer time.


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