Automated HMRC Compliant Mileage Tracking
Claiming Mileage Expenses? This will save you a lot of time.
Small Device. Big Power.
Zero Install Cost.
Automatic Mileage Logging
How much is your time worth to you? Gone are the days of logging your miles manually. Our device tracks every mile automatically - so that you don't have to.
Trip Mode Quick-Switch
With our FREE accompanying smartphone app, you can quickly switch between 'Business', 'Private' and 'Commute' trip modes.
Diagnose Vehicle Issues
Our device reads and translates problematic engine codes (DTC's). Save on diagnostic costs, and find out what's wrong with your car before it breaks down!
Why Not Add A Dashcam?
Our dashcam packages are competitively priced and offer HD 1080p footage. Make sure you can prove your innocence in the event of an incident!
Self-Install The Device. Download The App.
Get Back To Work.

If your vehicle was made after 2001, you already have an OBD port in your car. Depending on the car, you will find this port somewhere around your steering wheel (we can help you find it). Then, all you have to do is plug your device in. Once the light on the front goes green, you simply download our app and you can get back to work. Our device will record every millisecond of every trip you make thereafter. From the app (or online) you can see all of your previous trips, and export HMRC compliant reports which detail whether the trips were for Business, Private or Commuting. 

Automate Your Mileage
Protect Your Vehicle


Our app will notify you if your vehicle is tampered with out of hours and go into EMERGENCY mode if your vehicle is stolen - increasing the likelihood of recovery drastically. Our system will also give you a score out of 100 for every trip you undertake and offer insights on how you can slowly improve your driving behaviour and save on fuel, wear and tear, maintenance etc.


Do you bill your customers based on time spent at a location? Export reports based on 'Points Of Interest' you can set which will tell you exactly how long you spent at any given location. Or alternatively, set 'Geofences' giving you geographic boundary information when your car enters or leaves areas set by you.

Small Device. Big Power.
Sam McCormick
Logistics Manager
"Having my miles separated by category is so handy and I can also see when there is a problem with my car before it dies on me!"
Johnny Lin
"Claiming my mileage expenses used to be such a headache, now it's done within a few taps on my phone."
Sarah Tully
Insurance Consultant
"I'm always on the go from one meeting to another, knowing that Fleetify is racking all the miles up in the background for £9 a month is perfect!"
Zero Install Cost.
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Make claiming your mileage simple, let Fleetify do all the hard work for you!

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