Integrate your business fuel card, check your refuelling activity and analyse the actual consumption.


Integrate your business fuel card into the Fleetify mobility platform. All fuelling events are saved in your history, giving you better insight. Fleetify always has the most up-to-date mileages whenever you refuel your car, which allows for very precise analyses about fuel consumption, expenses per mile, which are linked to the driving behaviour of the driver.

This way you know exactly how much a single trip has cost and how you can save money with improved driving behaviour.


If you’re looking for a system that takes the headache out of fuelling administration, look no further. Fleetify merges all your refuelling activities into one comprehensive overview. This way you know exactly when and where your tank has been filled up, the amount of fuel and the exact mileage at that moment. Fleetify makes your fuelling expenses and consumption transparent.


Did you know that 1 in 7 employees moonlight with their company car? Why should you pay for an employee’s second income? As Fleetify informs you of the location of your vehicles, the system can check whether a fuelling activity truly concerns the vehicle in question. Furthermore, Fleetify automatically calculates the driving radius in between refuelling activities and directly notifies you of any deviations.


Fleetify collects all trip and refuelling information into one overview. By combining data about trips and fuelling, we can easily calculate consumption and expenses. Gain insight into the costs per trip and the amount of miles you drive on a full tank. We can then compare this with data of your colleagues and/or other Fleetify users, to see who is driving most economically.


With the integrated fuelling information, Fleetify informs you about the consequences of your driving behaviour on the fuelling expenses of your car. We can conduct accurate analysis about the costs of your driving behaviour and how you perform compared to colleagues or other Fleetify users.


The integration of fuelling information will save you money. We have seen an average saving on fuel costs of 18% across the already connected 100,000+ vehicles. By matching the consumption with driving behaviour, it becomes clear how much fuel you have saved with your improved driving score.

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