With Fleetify Fleetmanagement, comes the Fleetify app for free. Help your drivers with the all-in-one mobility app, that integrates, connects and improves various mobility services. Take the next step in smart mobility.

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Navigate to your desired location and Fleetify will automatically register that you have parked.


With fuel card integration, Fleetify will automatically update mileage, fuel events and link your account with each vehicle and/or driver. The feature will enable you to cross reference with your invoices for fuel to make sure you are never overcharged – or that drivers are conforming to the fuel protocols you have implemented.


Receive real-time traffic information and speed checks in the Fleetify app and prevent unnecessary fines. Fleetify warns you if there are any unannounced speeding checks, unexpected delays, accidents, ambulances and any other important traffic information.


Start the app, pop your phone into its holder and enjoy the ride! Whilst you are on the road, Fleetify ensures that you are well informed of any traffic situations around you, or en-route.


All trips are automatically registered and can be managed in your trip history. Check the trip details and change the trip mode based on Business, Private or Commute usage.


Check the actual mileages of all your vehicles at any point in time. Know when a vehicle needs maintenance and analyse your vehicles’ error codes. Even before the red light pops up in your dashboard, Fleetify informs you about any trouble with your car. This prevents any unpleasant surprises and downtime!


Find out how you stack up against the other drivers in your company. By increasing your Driver Scorecard, you will use less fuel, go through less vehicle parts and potentially receive reward and merit from your employer.