Your entire car fleet in one dashboard. Check the live location of all vehicles, anticipate on actual mileages, maintenance needs, or any error codes, view the trips per vehicle / driver and monitor driving behaviour.

Never pay too much parking costs ever again with Fleetify’s automatic parking. Integrate business fuel cards to gain insight into the refuelling activity and conduct interesting analyses, such as costs per mile, driver or vehicle.



Manage every trip within your fleet from one screen. A clear overview of your operation will provide you with; start and end locations, distance, duration and average speed.


The right solution for each and every situation! From a plug & play dongle without installation costs, to a hardwired blackbox with automatic start-stop system and driver identification. We even have the tools for trucks, heavy duty and carsharing!


Your employees can easily adjust the trip mode per individual trip (private, business and commute) additionally, notes about the trip/job can be added by driver in the app.


Fleetify automatically registers all trips and separates them into business, commuting and private trips. Easily download trip reports with up-to-date mileage logs. Fleetify helps you maintain a watertight administration for tax purposes!


Establish exactly where your vehicles are at any given time with a click. Find out with ease who is on the road, and who has arrived at their destination. Improve your customer service by working more efficiently and sending the nearest driver to a customer in need. Additionally, the orientation of the vehicles is displayed clearly alongside name of the vehicle and the registration number.


We collect millions (maybe even billions!) of data units from all the Fleetify users. We handle this data extremely carefully. We have an impossible-to-hack security key and all information is safely stared in a database with a two-way TLS (for you techies out there). This makes the Fleetify system even more secure than online banking!


Receive extremely accurate driving behaviour stats. The better they drive your car, the less it’s going to cost you! This will not only help you lower fuel consumption, but also decrease the wear and tear of your cars – reducing maintenance expenses too!


Easily and quickly add Points of Interest to your dashboard. Gain insight into the frequency of visits per address, the duration of a customer visit, the total amount of working hours that are spent on a project or receive a notification whenever someone arrives or leaves a specific location.


Check the actual mileage of your vehicles at any point. Know when a vehicle needs maintenance and analyse your vehicles’ error codes. This prevents any unpleasant surprises and downtime of your fleet.


As a fully GDPR compliant business, we understand the importance of privacy for your drivers. Fleetify only handles the data required to offer our services. So you and your drivers can rest assured that all the collected data is being handled carefully and meticulously.


Send messages from your own portal to your employees on the road. You can send various content, from images and videos to complete routes and navigation addresses! Your drivers receive information in the app immediately and can get started with just one swipe.


The Fleetify portal has several default reports relevant to all any company that use mobility as an integral facet. Easily automate reports on Fuelling, Co2 emissions, driving behaviour and parking. Additionally you can customise reports and individually export them to CSV, Excel or send them to an e-mail address.