Driving behaviour
The more eco(nomic) friendly you drive, the higher your score!


Get insight into your fleet’s driving behaviour. The better your workforce drive, the less costs you will incur across your whole fleet. This will not only help you lower fuel consumption, but will also decrease the wear and tear of your vehicles and maintenance expenses. Fleetify’s telematics solution provides the user with detailed insights, which in turn gives them the power to make informed improvements across the fleet.


Excessive acceleration by the driver of the car actually has a significant impact on fuel expense. The faster you accelerate, the more fuel you will consume; it really is that simple. In addition, the harder you brake, the more long-term damage you will do to your tyres and brakes.


Following the assigned speed limit on the road will not only keeps you from paying speeding fines, it is also the most economical way to drive. The more you stick to the speed limit, the more efficient you drive. In addition, if your vehicle has an automatic start-stop system, it’s also a great way to cut costs.


Research shows that you can save a significant amount of money by monitoring your driving behaviour. As a company, coaching your employees to improve their driving skills will reduce the cost of your fleet. We incorporate ‘Driver Score’ Leader boards to make the process of improving driver behaviour a fun, intuitive company activity!


Fleetify has extensive experience in implementing driving behaviour policies for companies. Per individual employee or together as a team. There are multiple options and we are happy to help you out!


An honest car insurance based on your own behaviour; being able to influence the amount of premium you have to pay each month. Sounds perfect, right? The Fleetify technology enables a tailor-made car insurence based on driving behaviour. The better you drive, the higher the discount.

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