About Fleetify

We are a leading fleet management service provider, our innovative technology is updated weekly with new features and security developments, so you can be sure that your data is both manageable and secure. We have a dedicated tech team that work day and night on the development and sound structuring of our portal and complimenting app, this enables us to custom build a platform to suit your every need, alongside the opportunity to white label the app with your branding.

Fleetify is powered by ULU. ULU was founded in 2014 and has offices in Amsterdam, London, Ljubljana and Shenzhen. We are specialised in improving mobility through technology.

We are ULU. Our suite of products stretches from telematics hardware to mobile and web applications, and they have been designed to optimize user engagement. By adding a digital layer over an organisations data, we gain access to new insights, optimize business processes and increase customer loyalty. With offices in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Slovenia and China we design and manufacture connected hardware, software and cloud services for the automotive industry.

Check out our various hardware solutions


A pocket-sized OBD-II device, easy to install in all vehicles. Our plug & play dongle can be installed in under two minutes and can be used in all European countries. You do not need to disassemble or technically adjust, because you can just easliy click the dongle into the OBD-port of your car. With delivery of the device comes a step-by-step manual with instructions how to do so.


We have various blackbox editions. A blackbock is a telematics solution you can install underneath the hood of the vehicle, directly on the CAN and, in our case, on the OBD too. This way you receive lots of interesting data! The blackboxes even have bluetooth, automatic start-stop systems and various driver identification possibilities (tag, card, smartphone, etc.).


Both our blackbox and our dongle work for trucks as well. Our technology even recognises the J1939 protocol. Does your fleet consist of trucks? Or a mix of trucks, company and passenger vehicles? No problem! With Fleetify, you can manage your entire fleet in one single overview!


Would you like to track several heavy duty machines? From cranes to excavators and forklifts to tractors, everything is possible! We have various hardware solutions that fit into your heavy duty machines.


Our hardware also supports carsharing-functionalities. Unlock doors with your smartphone, tag or card. Track & trace the vehicle and pay as you drive. You could even combine mileages and fuelling with driving behaviour! We can provide you with a software application to support carsharing-concepts. This application can be used to check the location and availability of vehicles and reserve these easily.

Hour administration and work orders

We have developed our own application for work orders and hour administration. This application is automatically loaded with data from our hardware in combination with various planning systems.  Besides this, we can easliy connect  the data with any  (ERP / accounting) package.

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