Fleetify: You. In the driving seat

Het alles-in-één mobiliteitsplatform, die alle mobiliteitsdiensten met elkaar combineert, verbindt en verbetert…


You. In the driving seat.

Receive insights into your whole vehicle fleet with the Fleetify fleet management tool. Track the live location of all your vehicles, anticipate actual mileage, schedule maintenance, receive error codes directly from the ECU, view  trips per car or per driver and monitor driving behaviour. Your drivers can easily change the trip mode per trip (Private, Business or Commute) or add notes! With only one click, Private, Business and Commute trips can be separated. Receive extremely accurate driving behaviour stats. The better they drive your car, the less it’s going to cost you!

Fleetify offers an industry leading mobile app to compliment the all-in-one fleet management service, meaning not only can you contact your drivers in real-time through the portal – boosting the speed and quality of your workflow – your drivers can also stay ahead of any vehicle issues and route disturbances.

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About Fleetify

We are a leading fleet management service provider, our innovative technology is updated weekly with new features and security developments, so you can be sure that your data is both manageable and secure. We have a dedicated tech team that work day and night on the development and sound structuring of our portal and complimenting app, this enables us to custom build a platform to suit your every need, alongside the opportunity to white label the app with your branding.

Fleetify is powered by ULU. ULU was founded in 2014 and has offices in Amsterdam, London, Ljubljana and Shenzhen. We are specialised in improving mobility through technology.

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